The Benefits of a Baby Sleeping in Swing, and Alternatives

Samantha Griffith

Written by Samantha Griffith

Baby sleeping in swing

Sleeping Tight and Well: Baby Sleeping in Swing

Have you ever asked yourself if it is safe for a baby sleeping in swing? Or what is the best infant swings for your child? These questions are typical for parents who want the best for their babies. You wish your baby sleep comfortably so you can enjoy some free time alone and do your chores as well.

As much as you want to meet every infant’s needs, there will be one or more concerns that will be left out. But right here, we will thoroughly discuss the different concerns regarding baby swing.

Alternatives to Baby Sleeping in a Swing

Not all children and parent is comfortable in using infant swings or leaving their baby sleeping in rocker. Yes, this is a great infant gear if you are struggling with how to bring your infant to sleep, or you want to provide her some entertainment. At the same time, you are doing your other responsibilities, but some parents don’t consent to  the idea of buying an infant swing.

So, aside from baby swing for sleeping, what are the other alternative products that you can use for your child?

  • 1. Super Soothing and Calming CD

Babies are very interested in sounds, especially those that can soothe and calm their mind and body. If you often experience trouble with her behavior before your child sleeps, find a CD that can soothe her and turn it on an hour before her sleep time. You will be surprised by how she will react to the music and how fast she can fall asleep on her own.

Most cradles available in the market also features a swinging motion and turns out as a swinging baby bed, but you have to do it manually. Nevertheless, it is an excellent alternative for a baby swing because this product can bring your baby to sleep comfortably and in the right position. As soon as she falls into a deep sleep, you can leave her for a while and give yourself some free time. But one drawback of a cradle is its size and weight. You cannot easily bring it anywhere, and it can consume a significant space inside a room.

You can provide comfort for your infant by choosing the right mattress for her bed. While some babies love to swing, dance, or play before they finally get to safe sleep, others just request for food and fall asleep on their own while lying above a mattress. In choosing the right mattress for your child, consider the materials used for the product. Other products’ composition might irritate the skin of your baby. It is important to know every detail of the mattress, and it is the right piece for your child.

  • 4. Baby Bouncer

Some babies may not settle with a swing motion during their baby swing age, but they still like other movements. There are baby bouncers available in the market that could do five various movements to calm a baby. These motions are tree swing, car ride, kangaroo, wave, and rock-a-bye. While this product is a great deal for your child, it is more expensive than a swing.

  • 5. Infant Wrap

Do you struggle on how to clean the house, do the laundry, cook the dishes, and run some errands while having little children? The infant wrap is one of the solutions available for you. Just make sure that you pick a wrap that is comfortable for both you and your child. There are some wraps and carriers that will work without insertions and can even allow you to do the breastfeed while using it. So, you don’t have to worry about your other responsibilities because you can attend to them with your child around. You only need to adjust yourself because you will be carrying some extra weight as you move around your house.

  • 6. Infant Lounger

Isn’t it nice to see an infant lying comfortably in a lounger while enjoying her environment? This product is available in any infant stores in your area, and you can choose any design and color that will meet the personality of your child. The best thing about this lounger is it’sits very portable and easy to carry from one room to another. A lounger is also space-saving compared to the cradle, chairs, and bouncer. And since infant loungers are portable, you can bring it as you travel with your child. She will love it because she can bring her comfort anywhere.

As much as you want your child to enjoy the benefits of the best baby swing, there are other alternative products that you can purchase to enjoy the same advantages. Determine what’s the best option for your child and go with whatever choice you have.

Is Sleeping in a Swing Bad for the Baby?

Though there are precautionary rules that you should follow in letting your baby sleeping in a rocker, this option is not bad at all. Baby swing for sleep can even bring various advantages for both the child and the parents. Below are some of the most common benefits of swinging bed for a child that everyone must know:

  • Calming the infant.

Every mother wishes for a calm and happy child, but that is not always the case. The gentle rocking motion created by baby swings and cradle can soothe your little ones. If an infant feels calm while lying in swinging infant bed, the mother can take some break and do their chores. Swings are best in comforting babies because it helps in settling the baby’s tummies and giving them relief from colic.

  • Hand-free time for parents.

If you have a baby at home, it can be difficult to do household responsibilities while holding your child. But with baby swings, you have help in soothing the baby and making them safe sleep. There are portable swings that you can bring anywhere, so you can do your duties outside your house while attending to your baby’s needs. Just be careful in placing the swing on the surface and make sure that you keep your eye to the infant. Afterall, swings still need proper supervision to secure the safety of your child.

  • It provides entertainment to the child.

Most swings come with soothing songs that could increase the comfort and entertainment of the child. The swings also feature bar above it where you can display some toys for extra fun for your child.

  • It starts the learning process of the infant.

Physical and mental development can be developed with the help of the different entertainments that go with the baby swings. With music and toys, a child is encouraged to move and reach, which can begin her coordination.

To maximize those benefits mentioned above, it is also important that you choose the accessories for your baby swings or cradle. A mattress will play an essential role in the comfort of your child, so be sure that you are providing a soft, clean, and warm mattress.

How Long can Babies Use a Swing?

As much as you want to let your baby sleep comfortably in a swing, it is not recommended to let her stay there for so long. As much as possible, limit your baby sleep in a swing for an hour or less each day. This will make sure that you are not compromising your child’s posture while using the swing.

Another reason why you should limit your baby’s swing time is that she needs to develop and improve her motor skills that will lead to crawling, cruising, and pulling up. If you let her sit in a swing can potentially slow down her development. As a parent, you would also wish to hold and interact with your baby. Touching and physical contact is the best way to express affection to your child, especially those babies age from 1 month to 1 year.

To keep your baby’s safety while using the swing, here are some of the tips that you can follow:

  • Never leave your baby while they are playing or sleeping in the swing. No matter how busy you are with what you are doing, you should keep an eye and ear to your child. 
  • To increase the safety of your child while lying in the swing, you should never use loose blankets or pillows because they can lead to SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome. 
  • Secure the strap of your baby and keep the swing in its most laid position until your child can hold or control her head without assistance. 
  • As part of your responsible parenting, don’t forget to read the instructions or manual book of the baby swing that you purchased from the market. Understand and follow every precautionary measure indicated by the manufacturer to avoid problems with the product and with your baby.

Should You Reposition a Sleeping Baby?

Can you count the number of times that you see your baby sleeping in a difficult position, and you wanted to change her position because you know that it is the right thing to do? Yes, we agree that you should reposition a sleeping baby and let her sleep in the right way. The baby’s current position might feel comfortable for her. But as a parent, you should do the judgment and adjust your child’s position if needed.

However, repositioning a sleeping baby can be a struggle for many parents. You may even doubt whether to touch her or not since she may end up awake after the long effort of making her asleep. That’s why we have gathered some of the effective tips on how you can reposition your sleeping baby and let her rest in a suitable position.

  • Maximize the aid of white noise.

Touching your baby and turning her into the proper position can cause inevitable noise such as light footsteps, rubbing of the fabrics, and even your breathing. To conceal these sounds, use white noise (it could be a piece of music or a lullaby that your baby is used to) and play it while you are moving her.

  • Don't get too close enough to minimize the warmth.

Since your baby is already resting, her body has adjusted to the room’s temperature. A sudden change with the warmth around her can send a different signal towards her and will eventually wake her up. That’sThat’s why you have to distant yourself while repositioning your child because a human’s body releases a different kind of warmth that can change the mood of the baby.

  • Make the reposition as smooth as possible.

There is no easy way to reposition a baby, and doing it abruptly can only awaken her. Slow down and be light with how you touch and move your baby. Let her feel the comfort while you are repositioning her body so that she can continue sleeping despite the changes with how she sleeps.

  • Be sure that your baby is in a deep sleep.

Don’t ever skip this part because a baby who is half awake can be easily distracted with a little movement or touch. The easy way to test if your baby is in a deep sleep is by raising one of her hands. If the arm drops down as soon as you let it go, that shows that she is in deep slumber, and you can reposition her now.

Falling asleep must go naturally for every baby, but this is not the case for everyone. We have met a lot of parents and heard their stories and struggles with their baby’s bedtime moment. That is why different products were developed and manufactured to assist parents and babies in this concern, and a baby sleeping in swing is one of them. Some may have questioned whether it is advisable to use a swing for their baby, but the answer will only depend on you as a parent. Swings will only be there as part of your parenting support, but you are still responsible when it comes to your child. You can use a swing to soothe and calm your baby, but your tenderness and loving touch are much more effective in comforting her. Never become dependent on any baby gears. Keep in mind that your hands are the best swinging material, and your voice is the best lullaby for your children.

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