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Best Travel Crib

Best Travel Crib For Newborn And Toddlers Safety 2020

Familiarity, comfort, and convenience are some of the pointers that you need to consider when traveling with your baby. The horror of your baby not being able to sleep properly from unfamiliar terrain is more than challenging when it comes to traveling. And believe it or not, a baby depends totally on you and the things that they use in between their routines. If there are instant changes, they will know that by heart.

That is why portable travel cribs are here to simplify your life by providing the most excellent source of coziness for your baby, no matter where you take them. Plus a comprehensive buying guide to help you weigh things out easily. These 5 top-rated products are the best in the market when it comes to providing premium quality and comfort that every baby loves.

The Baby Bjorn Play Yard Light is ultralight which weighs only 6kg that is ideal for traveling and sleepovers. It provides the most ideal comfort and familiar space for your baby to relax without compromising their sleep routines and familiarity. With its breathability mesh screen, you can easily check on your baby at any angle. Made with detachable and washable premium fabric materials for easy cleaning.



  • With an easy assembly and storage setting options, you can set up your baby’s crib anytime and wherever. It can fold easily for quick transit that comes with a carry bag for your convenience.
  • It comes with a mattress to provide a cozy and comfortable slumber your baby will adore. The breathable mesh screen sides and fabrics provide excellent airflow when your baby sleeps or plays.
  • This play yard is made from non-toxic materials that are perfectly safe and super easy to clean.
  • It enables you to supervise your child with its mesh side designed for quick access and look-out.


  • Easy Assembly And Storage
  • 100% Premium Polyester Fabric
  • Portable Transit Convenience
  • Luxurious Comfortable Mattress
  • Minimum Weight 8lbs, Maximum 29lbs
  • Breathable Mesh Side Fabrics
  • Lightweight 6kg 
  • Carry Bag Included
  • Detachable And Washable Fabric

Take comfort together as you travel with your little one. Provide the most excellent cozy feeling no matter where. With Graco’s signature easy push-button for foldability convenience that comes with a transit carry bag which you can easily take with you perfectly. Ensure your baby has a safe and protected place with enough ventilation as they slumber or if you need to check on them easily. with mesh pockets for quick access to your baby essentials.



  • This Playard is ideal for families that are always on-the-move together with their baby. Either you have a weekend sleepover with granny, the portable crib will be a familiar place your baby will look forward to after a long day of playing and moving.
  • With mesh screen for excellent ventilation and quick access whenever you need to check your lovely child.
  • It comes with mesh pocket storage that you can put newborn essentials and fit things that you need with proper comfort and coziness.
  • The signature single button press which easily and quickly folds your portable crib makes traveling super easy with carrying bag that is included in your purchased product.


  • Hassle-Free Fast And Easy Foldability settings
  • Full-Size Removable Bassinet For Baby
  • Easy Access To Your Child
  • Carry Travel Bag For Convenience
  • Excellent Breathable Mesh Side Fabrics For Ventilation
  • Mesh Storage Pockets ideal For Baby Essentials
  • Easy Push-Button Graco’s Signature
  • Sturdy And Durable Lightweight Frame
  • Large And Spacious

This travel crib enables the safety and convenience of sleeping with a familiar place for your baby whenever in transit. Made with premium and certified fabrics and mesh for optimum durability and sturdiness. A reliable source of comfort and ease for your child to snooze, indoors or outdoors. With easy access to your child at any given situation with its zipper opening sides. its compact size is ideal for most airlines to carry on compliance, with superior breathability and lightweight which is ideal for traveling.



  • The comfort and coziness that it provides for your baby make it an excellent choice for traveling. 
  • With its mesh side fabrics that enable proper airflow while your baby is sleeping into this familiar bed. 
  • Ideal for family trips as it is convenient to carry due to lits lightweight features your kid will adore.
  • provides adequate support for safety, protection, and comfort while away from home. The soft inflatable mattress is easier to set up than expected.


  • Lightweight 6lb Weight
  • Compact Size
  • Oak-Tex Fabrics Certified
  • Carry On Most Airlines Compliance
  • Excellent Breathability Transit Cot
  • Multifunctional, Durable, And Efficient
  • Quick Access Zip Opening Side
  • Ready To Move Self Inflatable Mattress
  • Premium Quality Aluminum Frame

The easy to assemble portable travel crib for your little one. Ideal for on-the-move parents who are in search for the most excellent transit crib for the house and outdoor adventure. With its compact size that comes with a travel bag for convenience. With 2 wheels featured for complete mobility, you can rely on. It comes with a cozy newborn bassinet and toys to entertain your child as you take breaks or having a cup of joe.



  • Transform your travel experience with style and comfort that your baby will greatly benefit with. Take the familiar play area or sleeping corner for your child to rest easily.
  • It’s lightweight, compact foldable features enable you to carry it with ease for you and your little one.
  • You can quickly check on your child as they sleep with its breathable and durable mesh sides.
  • With a spacious area for your child to play or the cozy familiar bassinet to sleep within. with its 2 wheels, you can quickly move the crib with you no matter where.


  • Ultralight Compact Fold
  • Spacious Area For Sleeping And Playing
  • Toys Included For Child Entertainment
  • Comfortable Baby Bassinet 
  • Breathable Mesh Fabric Sides
  • Ease Of Assembly
  • Carry Bag Included For Purchase
  • 2 Wheels For Complete Mobility

This multipurpose, lightweight, and expandable yet foldable travel crib is essential for people who are in constant transit. Whether you spend the weekends in your grandma’s or outdoors, this familiar space will guarantee to provide safety, protection, and comfort for your little bundle of joy. Durable and guaranteed longevity from day one until toddlerhood or when your child is about 35 inches in height.



  • It converts from a foldable crib for sleeping to an expandable play area for playing. known for its durability that can be used until your baby turns into a toddler. 
  • With an easy to clean mat, you can simply wipe any dirt off. With extremely breathable side mesh fabrics that enable proper ventilation and quick access for checking or security.
  • It provides a convenient space with a foldable frame you can perfectly store and carry along wherever you go.
  • Fast transition from a cozy crib into a spacious playpen that will only take a few seconds with its zip featured expansion.


  • Easy To Assemble And Transition Into A Playpen
  • Breathable Mesh Fabric Sides 
  • Mattress Sheets And Pad Included
  • Portable And Detachable Faster Transit Design
  • Machine Washable 
  • Premium Quality Polyester Sheet
  • Ideal from Newborn To 3 Years Of Age
  • Easy To Clean Mat
  • Compatible To Standard Crib Linen

Best Playpen Complete Buying Guide Features

The playpen or the modern day pack n play serves a safe place for your child whenever you need to take breaks or run errands around the house. this also serves protection and haven for your little one when you are traveling. A good familiar place for the child to sleep and be cozy. There are innovations of expandable playpens that you can transition from newborn bassinets to playing area in one.

There are great benefits to getting one portable crib or playpen for your baby. One way or another, you will be traveling with your little one. Either a weekend getaway or visit grannies house during the holidays or special occasions. Your baby, more than anyone else, needs a familiar place to stay and sleep comfortably.

That’s when you’ll need a playpen or pack n play that transition into a bassinet or crib during the night or afternoon naps. Most playpen has a limit for the baby’s height. traditionally when the baby starts exploring and climbing. It’s a sign that your crib or playpens may not be a safe place to contain them for a short time. While others have a maximum height of 35 inches.

Knowing the advantages that you can get with playpens is essential. this will help you decide whether you need one or plan on getting one. Dual-purpose playpens that you can convert into portable cribs are incredibly helpful. Here’s how you can get the most of that safe place;

  • Transition into portable travel cribs.
  • Ideal place for diaper change with familiar safe terrain.
  • Serves as a cozy newborn bassinet for convenience.

Having a comprehensive guide on what should you be looking for into your playpens or playpen will help you decide properly. Since they can transition into travel crib which is useful and essential for you and your baby as a travel bed for toddlers to peacefully sleep upon.

Buying Guide For Playpens

  • Your playpen or pack n play must be easy to clean. If it’d machine washable would be ideal and would be an excellent choice for convenience and healthier for your baby at the same time.
  • It should be quick to assemble and fold. Functionalities are a fundamental part of every baby’s essentials. One thing that you have to check is the convenience of setting it up and folding it for storing or transit.
  • Durability and a sturdy frame to keep up with your baby’s development and activities while providing a safe space for playing.
  • Comfortable to play and rest upon. Aside from the child-friendly materials, providing excellent comfort for your baby to slumber while out of your cozy home is essential. Your baby knows and gets familiar with places they are most comfortable with. Taking the portable crib or playpen with you when you travel makes it easier for your little one to settle easily. 

Portable Baby Crib For Babies To Sleep And Play

When your baby travel with you, you need to bring along a lot of things, including a cozy familiar bed and play place they are comfortable with. With innovations and modern designs, you can get the best of both worlds. That means all you have to do is find the perfect portable crib that transitions into a cozy toddler travel bed over time.

To find the best crib to travel along, you will need to check the following essential features. this will help you determine which one has the best and certified travel crib most expert and parents recommend based on a review that is suitable to you and your child’s need.

Portability, Weight, And Size

If you are the type of parents that travel most of the time, a travel crib that transition into playpens and travel baby bed in one is a practical choice. This modern-day design and innovation enable you to take your crib with you no matter where. If it can be expandable yet easy to be folded into a compact size is an excellent option.

Next are the weight limit and its package size which should be as handy as possible. if you are planning to add accessories to the travel crib, you have to take into consideration the additional weight that these may accommodate over time.


One thing that you have to remember when it comes to travel crib is the comfort that they guarantee for your child. if your baby sleeps better with a portable travel crib, that means you can also enjoy a good night of slumber. Checking a few factors for your child comfort may be about the mattress padding, bedding, ventilation and breathability, available spaces for your child to move with safety, and coziness are an important factor that provides better sleep experience.

Security, Safety/Protection

When it comes to your baby, you’ll think about everything as hazardous. That is why checking for security and double protection for your child is needed. Most travel cribs passed safety standards and certifications. Our top 5 products are highly recommended proven efficient and safe.

Suitable Age Range

Every manufacturer has the recommended age range for their products. Including weight and height limit at some point. This will give you ideas of what you need. Be practical and find one that you can use from day one until tot years.

Travel Crib Types

There are generally 2 types of travel cribs. This will depend on which is suitable for your needs over time. either you go for cocoon-like cribs or foldable and portable cribs.

Convenient Usage And Functionalities

Functionalities and how convenient your portable crib is essential. Like the easy to set, easy to transport and carry around. Some travel cribs fold flat and are compact.


You can check for accessories like a travel bag which enables you for easy to carry and folds flat. if you want mobility, you can check for wheeled portable cribs at the same time.


Cribs are baby’s essential gear and are a great investment. if you are looking for sustainable and durable cribs, you will need to invest a little bit more for their cost. They are of course, worth the safety, protection, and comfort that they provide.

Best Pack N Play For Traveling

There are a variety of options when checking for the portable travel crib and pack n play in the market today. Names and trusted brands like the Graco Pack N Play, 4moms Breeze, Lotus Travel crib, Babybjorn Travel Crib Light and so on has easy to carry features, easy to set, and easy to transport that comply with maximum weight limit hand-carry baby gear. 

We say the Graco Pack N Play is a hassle-free, comes with a travel bassinet for your baby that is easy to set whenever the need arises. Though 4moms Breeze and Lotus Travel Crib are great, we say that Graco Pack N Play is ultralight, sturdy, reliable, and durable for your baby to enjoy until they grow to tots.

Can A Baby Sleep In A Playpen Instead Of A Crib

Opposed to what others think, your child is safer to stay and sleep in a playpen or pack n play. This can be beneficial if you have a lightweight and collapsible transit crib to keep your little one safe no matter where you go. This is practically true especially if you are on holiday or into another house where your child is not familiar with the place, aside from you.

the playpen can be the least comfy and familiar space for most babies to play and relax at the same time. Your baby’s crib is safe to stay with but according to research and expert studies, playpen nowadays is more efficient and provides adequate safety for most babies.

Out top 5 choices of the best portable and travel crib above give you wonderful benefits that you’ll enjoy especially if you’re an on-the-move couple. They are convenient to carry with their carry backpack straps for ease of use. Most of these convertible cribs have less than 13 pounds weight and can be folded to fit in a transit carrier.

The good news is, all playpens have been cushioned which protects your child from accidents and injuries. They have colorful designs and excellent ventilation for your child to slumber safety while you get the best rest when out of town at the same time. Some pack n play has fitted sheets included in them for optimum protection and cozy feel for your little one.

Is It Safe For Baby To Sleep In A Pack N Play Every Night

With a myriad of selections and beneficial features that most pack n play provides compared to traditional cribs, we can safely say that more and more parents go for pack n play for their child to sleep with. Though common cribs are sturdier and durable, most of which are made from premium woods. They may also cause injury at times since they are not cushioned, unlike playpens.

if you are on a holiday or outdoors, like camping with the family, playpens are easy to set and take along. They are convenient to clean and bring as a double purpose for your baby to safely play and comfortable to sleep with at night. Some playpen or pack n play have fitted sheet for their mattress or travel bassinet for baby to sleep along.

They have additional accessories like colorful lights you can easily adjust for your baby to slumber or musical toys to keep them entertained. These things are ideal if you’ll need to run a few personal errands like do some house chores, shower while keeping your baby at a close distance or take breaks from cuddling to rest your hands.

Playpens have great advantages compared to traditional cribs

  • They are flexible. Your kids’ safety and comfort in one. 
  • It can be folded into a compact travel size crib in one.
  • Easy to set and transport or transition from crib to playpen.
  • Playpens are ultralight and multifunctional baby gear your child will love. Weighing less than 13 pounds with the comfort that they offer both for you and your baby.
  • They provide excellent safety place for your baby to stay when you need to run errands.
  • They are an ideal option for babies to stay safe while relaxing or playing no matter where you go. 
  • Ideal for traveling as it provides the best and safe place for your baby to rest, especially when there is no available space for baby to safety rest. 
  • They simply are convenient if you’ll compare them with cribs. Best for kids to stay safe.

What Do Babies Sleep In When Traveling

If you are traveling with your little one for holidays, it’s important to think of their safety and comfort. Like where should they snooze without sharing the bed with you, which by the way is a risk, especially for a newborn? Portable travel crib that you can transition into playpens without weighing you down as you transit is a perfect space for your child.

There are important questions before bringing up one great solution for your next travel escapade. So here are a few helpful questions to ask before packing that convertible crib and deciding for a compact travel crib instead. Travel needs vary for every situation. 

  • It is important to determine the age of your child. that way, you can easily determine the safety sleeping needs of your little one, baby or a hyper toddler.
  • The type of accommodation that you and your family will be staying will affect the sleeping setup for your child. Either you stay in a hotel, condo or grannies space, it is best to take along familiar terrain for your child.
  • The personality of your child. If they are independent or clingy. You will know what you need to bring later on.
  • The mode of transport for your travel. if you will be driving for hours, flying from one area over the next one. this will determine what you need that is hassle-free yet convenient for everyone.

What Is The Best Portable Crib

A portable crib that can transition into a safe playpen which enables you to easily set it up, folded into a compact size with a travel bassinet that has additional safety and beneficial features your little one will love to play and rest at the same time. Based on expert review and rating from parents who’ve tried and tested, the most excellent handy travel crib that is weighing only 6kg. 

The BABYBJÖRN Play Yard Light is your perfect selection which your child will love. With the additional features for your child’s safety. You can take along with you that familiar comfort for your child no matter where to travel. The fabric of this playpen is detachable and can quickly wash into your machines after every trip or when needed. That way, you can guarantee your child’s safety and health.


At the end of the day, you only want something that provides the perfect protection, safety, and is convenient for you and most especially for your child. The BABYBJÖRN Play Yard Light wins the heart of most travelers that takes their child with them. It’s our verdict when it comes to portability, reliability, durability, multi-functional peculiarities, and ease of use. it provides the best security and coziness your child will love.

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