Best Travel Stroller for 2020

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Best Travel Stroller

5 Best Travel Strollers for 2020

Decisions can be hard work. Do you know what else are hard work? Money. Effort. Time. Your hard-earned money is essential. Money may indeed be replaced, but the time and effort you contributed to earning money will never be. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can buy things that would last and be reused? For instance, there are a lot of umbrella strollers that are light on the pocket but has some of the most important features that you are looking for. Further, time cannot be turned back (unless you have a time machine). And your time and effort spent on carrying your child while he or she is sleeping can never be returned to you. Anyway, your little one may sleep better while in one of the best travel strollers, too. 


Choosing an everyday stroller travel is the next step. We have highlighted several features of the strollers, which are the best in the market. Here they are.

Taking the word convenience to the next level, the Summer Infant 3D One Convenience Stroller is the best umbrella stroller that you need for your newborn or toddler! This convenient travel stroller may be folded flat. You can also raise the padded seat of this stroller. And because the compact stroller may be folded flat, changing diapers is now easier. This is one travel stroller that would last for years. Plus, the 3D One has a gender-neutral color theme such as Flint Gray, which can be used for a female or male baby. More importantly, the travel stroller is durable enough to hold a baby weighing 15 pounds and even a toddler months to 55 pounds in weight.

Strollers weigh from 11 to 22 pounds. This easy to fold compact stroller is made of lightweight aluminum frame, is only 16 pounds. Folding this travel stroller is a breeze. You can easily carry this stroller over your shoulder via the sturdy carry-on strap while carrying your child. If you’re tall, then fret no more as the handlebar height is convenient even for tall people.



  • This stroller has an oversized 1-hand adjustable canopy with a zip-out extension.
  • A peek window is also a feature.
  • There is the padding on the buckle of the five-point harness.
  • A pull-down sun canopy to protect your little one is adjustable.
  • There is also an adjustable leg rest.

From sidewalks to curbs, this travel stroller has some smooth glide wheels because of excellent suspension. It can be maneuvered almost everywhere. Just like an ATV or all-terrain vehicle, this travel stroller can handle many types of terrain. If you’re in an uphill slope in a park, the sturdy wheels at the back allows for a more controlled movement of the travel stroller. This makes for a handy safety feature. Also, with a tap of the foot, the back wheels can be locked too. This is handy when you have to stop.

Comfortable seats and specially designed wheels lessen shocks from sudden movements as well. Moreso, the fabric is easy to clean. You can also extend the travel stroller for the adjustable leg rest, where your child can rest his or her foot.

Appropriately named such for use in the season of summer, this stroller has one of the widest adjustable sun canopies out there. Compared to other strollers that may block your entire view after extending the sun canopy, this stroller has a window mesh flap on top where you can take a quick peek at your sun-shaded child. This canopy can block 99.9 percent of UVA and UVB rays, protecting your child’s delicate skin.

A part of the storage at the back is zippered. You can store some of your things here. For your child’s daily needs, there is also storage below the stroller, which can hold diapers, small toys, a small travel bag, and extra clothes.  

A unique feature of this travel stroller is the padding on the five-point harness. While it may take some time to strap on an older child (they can be very boisterous), this is an ingenious feature that makes safety a top priority.

With an infant car seat and stroller combination, the Graco Comfy Cruiser Travel System has it all! You can shift the harness system of this stroller to a five-point harness or a three-point setting. To ensure your child’s safety, the five-point harness is usually recommended. This feature may actually be a life-saver! Such harness contains five straps specially engineered to hold your child in place. How ever unruly your child may be, removing all five straps is challenging even for the most rambunctious toddlers.

There is a peekaboo window made of see-through plastic where you can see your child at all times. When the sun is out, there is a canopy that can cover the transparent window, shielding your child from the sun’s rays.



  • This Graco travel stroller includes an infant car seat.
  • There is a five-point harness restraint system.
  • You can only use one hand for opening or folding the travel stroller. 
  • There is deep and ample storage below the padded seat.
  • This trave; stroller can be stored in a standing rest position.

At a little over 19 pounds, this travel stroller can be a bit on the heavy side. Though bulky, this travel stroller can be opened and folded by just one hand. Also, you can store this one standing up. As an added measure, you can engage the rear brakes too. Each rear wheel has its own brakes too, which can come handy once the other rear brake gets broken. In addition, you can lock the front swivel wheels for more control and easier movements too.

With almost 16 inches wide, the single handle is also easy to control. It is curved and padded for easy maneuvering of the travel stroller.

The reclining padded seat can be adjusted in multiple positions too. This can keep your child very comfortable, especially during your travel. Also, since this travel stroller cannot be adjusted completely flat, it is recommended that you use this stroller once your child has head and neck control. Despite this, such a stroller can hold a kid up to 55 pounds.

As one of the strollers with spacious storage, the basket below can hold many essentials. You can fit a diaper bag, clothes, wet wipes, and other things. Better yet, the storage area can also hold some of your groceries. Or when you are traveling, you can put a small to medium bag in there too. This is very convenient. On the one hand, there is also a parent tray. You can store small things like your keys there. To keep you awake and alert, the 2 cup holders can fit two medium-sized coffees. A child’s tray, on the other hand, is also designed in this travel stroller. You can place your child’s toys and snacks here.

When your child gets older, there is a leg rest where your child can rest his or her feet. This can become very handy as toddlers get rowdy often. Once your child becomes tired running around, your toddler may become tired and would want to extend his or her legs. The leg rest is not adjustable, though, and may become cumbersome for your toddler. But you can remove the snack tray for a roomier feet rest.

The Summer Infant 3D Flip Convenience Stroller is one of the most lightweight umbrella strollers in the market. Made of aluminum frame, this stroller is not only lightweight but durable too. Because of this feature, you would want to go out and about any chance you got. Your little one will enjoy it too as he or she begins to see the outside world.

As a bonus, you can also reverse the seating position. This is a unique feature wherein you can choose three front positions and three rear positions. Choose the position where you can see your little one at all times. When your baby becomes older, he or she may want to look around. Also, this reversibility feature allows the seat to be completely flat. This is helpful when you need to change the diaper of your child.



  • This everyday stroller weighs 14 pounds.
  • With a reversible seating position, this stroller can be forward-facing or rear-facing.
  • The stroller has a 5-point harness.
  • A large canopy is there to block out the sun.  This canopy can also be a rain cover.
  • The stroller has multi-position recline of up to six positions.

For storage, this umbrella stroller does not fall behind with the others. Want to order refreshing iced tea on a hot day? There is a cup holder where you can put your cold drink while meandering around town with your child. There are also side storage pockets where you can store your other things. Need to attend to your child? You can store your things on the side pocket easily and quickly reach for them once your little one has been attended to. But there is no child’s tray. But you can plan ahead and store your child’s things on the parent’s storage.

The wheels are designed for that smooth glide on the sidewalk or at the park. Easy to maneuver, thuds and bumps will be felt less by your child because of the wheels’ anti-shock design.

Your baby has sensitive skin. The sun’s rays can be very harmful to your child. To protect against sunlight, use the canopy. The canopy can be a rain cover too. The designers of this umbrella stroller made sure that your little one has sun protection even as he or she gets older. The height of the canopy can be adjusted easily by using only one hand.

As your little one gets older, he or she may want to run around. They do get curious, and it is good for them to exercise their little legs. Your child will see almost all experiences with a sense of adventure. He or she may want to climb the stairs on their own. Good thing that these umbrella strollers can be folded easily and hand-carried over your shoulder with a carry strap. Then it’s back to Mom or Dad once your child gets tired.

The handles are high enough to easily fit tall parents. Because the handles are not adjustable, this may be a problem for shorter parents. 

The Maxi-Cosi Lara Ultracompact Stroller, is probably one of the most lightweight and compact of all strollers. Because of its ultra-compact feature, some airlines may even allow you to carry on this stroller. It can also easily fit on an airplane overhead bin. Also, you can fold this stroller easily. The Maxi-Cosi comes with a carry strap too, and at 14 pounds is one of the most lightweight strollers around.

For maneuverability, this stroller does not disappoint. Despite the smaller wheels, you can quickly turn into corners. Also, making your way through massive crowds and tight indoor spaces such as in malls is a breeze too. 



  • A breathable seat pad keeps your child cool.
  • This stroller weighs 14 pounds and is easily folded.
  • A sun canopy or rain cover with UPF 50 protects your child.
  • There are two riding positions – upright and recline.
  • There are two storage basket.

The Maxi-Cosi is suitable for the outdoors too. The extended sun canopy is wide enough to cover the legs or arms of your child. Also, with a sunshade of UPF 50 (Ultraviolet Protection Factor), which provides both UVA and UVB protection, you will be sure that your little one is protected despite the sun’s rays beating down on your stroller. When the sun is out, you can peek through the mesh window on the top to check on your little one.

Not to be outdone, one of the amazing features of this stroller is having a seat pad where air can pass through. It can get hot and humid in the summer, and having a breathable seat pad keeps your child cool. Your little one will be able to sleep well and will not be too fussy. In turn, if your child rests, then you can rest too!

As for storage, there are two storage baskets under the Maxi-Cosi. Double-Decker storage is unique to this stroller. These may not be enough for your groceries but are enough for carrying around your child’s daily essentials like diapers, wet wipes, and extra clothes. You can also add in your things too. Besides, there is a parent cup holder, which is best for a good cup of hot coffee during colder afternoons or a refreshing glass of orange juice during the summer.

The Maxi-Cosi is also a relief for your little one when he or she gets older. This lightweight stroller can hold a child up to 50 lbs. Also, the two-position recline, upright and lying down are a right combination. Your little one may find the need to play with you and explore his or her surroundings. And an upright position would be best for these activities. After being active, your child may need to doze off and gather strength for another round of toddler energy. Adjusting the stroller in a lying down position will help your child rest. The seat reclines fully for comfort.

When your toddler gets too rowdy, the color of your stroller may help him relax. Studies show that color blue helps people relax faster. And one of Maxi Cosi’s color of nomad blue is not only relaxing but elegant as well.

This lightweight stroller is car seat compatible making it best for stroller travel. The Summer Infant 3Dpac CS + Compact Fold Stroller is compatible with three specific infant car seats. No adapters required. These infant car seats are Graco Snugride Click Connect, Chicco Keyfit 30, and Chicco Fit 2 only. Take note that these are the only car seats this stroller is compatible with. Pairing with these car seats can transform such a stroller into a travel system.

With the holidays weaving in and out of the year, this stroller should make it to your travel list. It will fit in the overhead compartment when folded. You can even use the one-hand fold maneuver in this stroller. At merely 16 pounds, this easy to fold stroller can easily be carried through a shoulder strap slung over one of your shoulders. With your hands-free, you can even bring your little one or other things like your travel bag.



  • This lightweight travel stroller weighs 16 pounds.
  • The 3Dpac is also car seat compatible.
  • There is a large storage basket.
  • Stroller has parent and child-friendly features.
  • The wheels offer smooth gliding.
  • You can do a one-handed fold
  • Great suspension and safety handle for parents

When your child grows up to 50 lbs in weight, he or she may find a need to extend their legs now and then, especially during your travel. When your child’s legs are folded every time, your child may feel a pins-and-needles sensation caused by pressure on a nerve. As a solution, you can extend the leg-rest built in the 3Dpac. Also, with a 5-point harness, this stroller straps on your little one with a significant consideration for his or her safety when you travel a lot.

This is where the 3Dpac shines! The canopy features of this stroller is one for the books! It even reaches the baby bumper bar when fully extended. Such canopy has three large panels for protection not only to protect your little one from sunlight but also from rain and wind too. As a bonus, it also has an additional pop-out sun visor. When your kid has grown, this stroller can surely protect all of his or her limbs from the harmful rays of the sun. A peekaboo window also allows you to check on your kid at all times.

The seat is wide as well and is designed for children six months of age and up to children with 50 pounds in weight. Your little one, after chasing a butterfly or two, may want to take a nap. And this is where the adjustable reclining seat comes handy. Combine this with an amazing canopy protection overhead, and your kid may have a deeper and more satisfying sleep.

To store your child’s daily needs such as a diaper, extra clothes, wet wipes, and other things, there is a storage basket under the seat. At the back of the canopy is where you can place your items such as your phone, wallet, and keys. You can put a flat gadget or your phone on the other side of the handlebar. A cup holder is also on-hand should you need it. You can also hang your travel bag, which is of course, sold separately.

The front swivel wheels may be locked straight in cases where you have to maneuver in a grassy or uphill terrain. For a full stop, you can also tap the brake at the back of the stroller. These are great features you can enjoy regardless of the size and style of the double stroller or umbrella strollers you may have chosen.

Despite one of the most lightweight strollers and the most affordable in this list, the 3Dmini is a powerhouse! This one-hand fold stroller is suitable for traveling and running short errands around the city. Despite weighing only 11 pounds, this stroller is comfortable and convenient. With a plush full-sized seat, your little one stays comfortable sitting up or in full recline. A full recline fits changing diapers quite easily, this is a big advantage for parents.

This stroller is recommended for children who can lift their heads on their own up to 45 pounds. The 3Dmini’s reclining seat can be in multiple positions, allowing your little one to have a nap in-between energy-draining toddler runs. You can also place your child in a position where he or she can see the surroundings. 



  • The stroller is lightweight at 11 pounds and can fit in the overhead compartment
  • An auto-lock features are designed in the stroller.
  • There is a 5-point padded safety harness.
  • A canopy with visor protects your kids from the harsh rays of the sun.
  • Stroller has reclining seat with an option for multiple positions.
  • Features a storage basket

This one-handed fold unit also  features great suspension, safety handles, and a 5-point padded harness for your child. The design is easy for parents to lock but extremely difficult for your kids to unfasten. The five straps keep your kids from falling or climbing down when you’re not looking. But keep in mind not to leave your kids unattended even for a second!

For storage, this stroller contains a storage basket where you can place your child’s daily needs. However, keep in mind that the maximum weight consideration for the 3Dmini is only 20.4 kilograms. This includes everything that you place in your stroller.

The 3Dmini is also easy to fold and store. Its auto-lock system features keep your stroller folded whenever it is in the trunk or overhead airplane cabin.

Summers can be uncomfortably hot. Your little one can get dehydrated faster than you. Make sure that your kids are wearing lightweight cottony clothes when it’s hot. This stroller can conveniently carry two beverages, one for you and your child with its 2 cup holders. The cup holders are sturdy, unlike most strollers. Also, a canopy with visor is designed in the 3Dmini, making sure that your kids get as little sun’s rays as possible. Though UV levels below three are considered safe, children under 12 months of age are recommended to be kept away from direct sunlight.

The brakes in the 3Dmini are easy to operate with a tap of the foot. The anti-shock front wheels will make sure that bumps are felt less in case of sudden movements or bumps on the street.

The difference between a 3D Lite and a 3D One is the price and weight. The 3D Lite is 3 pounds less than the 3D One. The 3D Lite at 13 pounds is one of the most lightweight strollers in the market. Despite being lightweight, it is sturdy and durable enough to carry up to 50 pounds.

However, this stroller does not have a stand-in feature when folded. Even with this, this stroller folds up to be carried through a shoulder strap. You may be doing several errands at once or taking care of your baby while looking after an older child. At just 13 pounds, this is a good choice for you, especially if part of your daily routine is climbing stairs. Your hands are free to carry your little one.



  • There is an oversized adjustable canopy.
  • The stroller size can hold up to 50 lbs.
  • A padded 5-point safety harness with easy pop buckle is designed into the stroller.
  • There are comfort-grip and heat-resistant foam handle.
  • Wheels have smooth glide features.

Despite the 3D Lite having a smaller canopy for sun protection compared to the 3D One, it is still wide enough to cover your little one adequately. You’ll never know when shade would be needed by your little one while strolling around open spaces like a field or a public park. The 3D Lite also has no peekaboo window.

As for seat recline, while the 3D One has three positions, the 3D Lite has an additional recline position. Also, the 3D Lite reclines to a flat position, which is an essential feature for a young infant who does not have head and neck control yet. Also, you can easily change diapers through this feature.

The 3D Lite also has comfortable handle grips that are padded, a nice plus when you’re pushing the stroller for hours. This stroller also has a padded 5-point safety harness with an easy pop buckle, but not so easy that your child will not have any difficulty unbuckling it. In addition, this harness can be adjusted to 3 height positions, a useful feature when your child grows. This removes the need to buy a new one when your baby matures.

What is the Best Travel System Stroller?

With a built-in infant car seat, the Graco Comfy Cruiser Travel System is the best travel stroller. Whoever said that you could not travel with a small child will surely see it as a possibility with the Graco since you can store it in the overhead compartment when folded. The are excellent features when traveling as you don’t have to bring a bulky infant car seat.

For safety, the Graco has a peekaboo window made of see-through material. You can see your child all the time. This is the right time to be extra alert. Remember that when you’re outside your home, everyone may be outside too. Also, the five-point harness system makes sure that your child is strapped in securely at your best travel stroller. With all five straps secured, your child will not easily unbuckle or shimmy out of it.

Imagine having to go from one destination to the next, and you bought a lot of souvenirs from your travel. You bought 25 refrigerator magnets for all of your colleagues back home. You also included that wooden mask as a souvenir for your in-laws. Not to mention, you have been buying various delicacies, half of which you have been munching since the morning, why your Graco, the best travel stroller, can come in handy! Stow your souvenirs, food, and travel needs in the storage basket of this stroller in addition to the daily essentials of your child.

During your travel, especially in a tropical climate, it can get scorching and humid. The best travel stroller Graco has 2 cup holders that can fit in 2 drinks. You can drink an iced coffee that is not only refreshing but is sure to perk you up for that extra alertness needed during travels. The other cup can be a sippy cup holder or a bottle for your child.

When do you Need a Foldable Stroller?

You need a stroller that can be folded when you want to carry it easily. Most strollers can be folded and have a shoulder strap slung over the shoulder. This is a neat feature. You can climb stairs while carrying your kids, and the stroller hung over your shoulder. This one-handed fold feature is helpful for parents as well when you are crossing muddy grass or flooded streets.

When you’re traveling just with your little one, you can carry the stroller in one shoulder, another travel bag in the other, and a backpack. These are probably enough for you and your child’s needs. Parents hands are still free to carry your kids or other things.

Also, a stroller small in size can be folded and is easy to store. When your stroller folds up small, you can stow it in the overhead bin in airplanes. When you land, you can unfold the stroller and place your little one in it. Pushing the stroller rather than carrying your baby can save you lots of energy.

Moreso, parents can also easily store it at the trunk of your car. They can also fold up for storing in a closet or at the corner of your house.

Take caution when folding your stroller. Keep your kid away from it while unfolding and folding. This is to prevent your kid from being caught in one of the hinges of the stroller. An auto-lock feature is nice to have. Parents should make sure that your stroller is locked before using it and after folding it.

What is the Best Lightweight Stroller for Travel?

For the road warriors, the Summer Infant 3D One Convenience Stroller is the best lightweight stroller for travel. Despite a weight of 16 pounds, this stroller is exceptionally durable. The frame of the stroller is made from aluminum. Such metal is even used in the construction of vehicles and construction of houses and buildings. Also, this metal is a force to be reckoned with, with its high strength and durability. With your stroller made of aluminum frame, you can be sure that your stroller is made of sturdy stuff!

With a huge canopy, this stroller can protect your little one even as he or she matures. This is important, especially in travel overseas. Also, the canopy can make sure that your kid stays asleep.

This travel stroller is equipped to match your child’s needs as he or she grows older.

Also, the 3D One is compact enough for traveling. It easily folds up to be stowed away easily in the trunk of the car or at the overhead bin in planes. This travel stroller can also fit some buses and even some trains. At the home front, stowing the stroller in a closet or under the bed also saves space for parents.

Parents should also consider that your kid will only make use of the stroller for several years. The 3D One is a good choice because the features are almost as good as some travel system strollers but with less cost.

What are the Best-rated Baby Strollers?

The best-rated baby strollers promote safety, soothes the baby, and relax the parents. In our list, the best-rated strollers are the Summer Infant 3Dpac CS+ Compact Fold Stroller and Maxi-Cosi Lara Ultracompact Stroller.

  • Promotes safety

To move from stroller to car seat, you have to unbuckle your kid from the travel stroller first. This is true for most strollers. If parents are forgetful and always in a hurry, this could be dangerous. You may forget to buckle your kid into the car seat after placing them in. This is where the 3Dpac may help you. The 3Dpac is compatible with specific car seats such as the Graco Snugride Click Connect, Chicco Keyfit 30, and Chicco Fit 2. With this compatibility, parents don’t have to unbuckle their kid from the harness.

The 3Dpac also has a canopy wide enough to reach the bumper bar when fully extended. Its three panels are enough to provide protection from sunlight, wind, and rain. There is also a peekaboo window where parents can check on their kid every time you take a peek. Not to be outdone, the Maxi-Cosi also has a wide canopy that protects against UVB and UVA. A mesh window is also atop the stroller to see your little one. This also allows air to flow through from the top, cooling your child.

  • Soothes the baby

Because of the soft rocking motion of strollers, your little one may fall asleep fast. This reminds them of their time in utero. A comforting stroll also helps your child stay asleep too. The Maxi-Cosi, despite its smaller wheels compared to other travel strollers, maneuvers smoothly, be it indoors or outdoors. As for the 3Dpac, its wheels also offer smooth gliding through any terrain, such as on grass, concrete, or even shiny tiles.  

  • Relaxes the parent

When your little one is irritated because of the heat, you will become irritated as well. The canopy of the strollers may help in this. When your child is flustered, you will be flustered as well. When your child is relaxed, you are too. Nothing makes a parent relaxed than a happy and contented baby.   

What is the Most Compact Stroller?

Not only good because of the sleek design, but the Maxi-Cosi Lara Ultracompact Stroller is also probably the most compact travel stroller in the market. Hence the name, the Maxi-Cosi at just 14 pounds in weight, easily fits on an overhead bin.

Folding and unfolding this stroller is easy too. Despite its compactness, the Maxi-Cosi is highly durable. Good even for travel, the sun canopy is designed to extend enough to cover even your child’s foot and arms. How’s that for a stroller designed for a growing child? This stroller grows with your little one.

With this stroller’s recline feature, you can also lay the seat flat. This is handy when you would want to change the diaper of your child.

You cannot change the weather. But you sure can change how you adapt to it. Here is where the Maxi-Cosi becomes useful. This travel stroller has a breathable seat pad where your little one can comfortably sit and lie on. Days can become very humid. The worse thing about humidity is when the sun is also blasting its full rays out. With this seat, gone are the days that your child will sweat a lot.

Tips for Traveling with Strollers

  • Traveling by car

For days to come, you would want to travel with your child. Children absorb everything like a sponge. The early years are an important stage for learning. Travel is said to create learnings far more than any gadget. Moreso, it strengthens your bond between your child. Be it going to the nearby grocery or out of town to see the farm animals; your little one would surely enjoy seeing the world.

When you travel by car, a stroller that folds and opens easily is most recommended. An auto-lock feature is nice to have too to prevent your stroller from banging with other things or persons. Placing your child with a stroller that has not been fully opened is dangerous. This auto-lock feature will ensure that your child is sitting safely on the stroller.

Make sure that the stroller’s dimensions when folded fit the trunk of your car. If your trunk is grimy or dusty, you can put your stroller first in a bag. Better yet, clean your trunk first.

  • Traveling by plane

Bringing a stroller by plane does not need to be complicated. Some airlines may allow you to check-in a stroller, but some won’t allow it. You have to let security scan the stroller as well. It would be better as well for you to come early at the gates so that you can board it before everyone else. This would allow ample time for the airline staff to help you and your little one get settled. 

Write the connecting flight number on the tag of the stroller if you have a connecting flight. This will ensure that your stroller will not get lost easily. 

  • Traveling by bus

When you travel by bus often, it would be nice to get a stroller that can be folded easily. Some strollers have a carry strap that you can sling over your shoulder. If you know that you will travel by bus, pack your other things light. A lot of strollers are light and compact and can be carried easily through bus steps or in between aisles without bumping into other passengers.

  • Traveling by subway

If the subway station does not have an elevator or escalator, you may have to carry the stroller. This may be hard, especially if you have to climb several flights of stairs. Strollers have been developed to be lighter than mainstream strollers, incorporating several of the bulky stroller’s features. You can now choose an ultralight stroller but with the key features of the bulkier ones, if not more. When traveling by subway, make sure that your kid is strapped well. Also, make sure to use a stroller that has a peek through system atop it so that you can check your child every time. 

  • Traveling by ferry

When traveling by water, check the policies of the ferry company if there is a need to check-in your stroller. If you are allowed to use it on the ferry, prepare your child’s daily essentials plus a bag where he can throw up on if your little one is feeling woozy. If you are the type to feel nauseous while traveling on water, it would be best that you drink your medicine or stock up on your needs. Your baby needs you all the time, and traveling is not a time to attend to your needs first.

Let’s face it. A stroller is exceptionally convenient. During your child’s early years, you need all the energy that you can save. While it may be helpful to carry your kid, you don’t have to do it all the time. Remember that your baby will get bigger and heavier. Your little one will not be little anymore. Your muscles may grow larger, and your patience maybe longer, but you have to be wise and remember that you have limits. Like what they say in working, work smarter, not harder. The best travel strollers are in the work smarter criteria. 

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