For the Care of Your Baby, the Best Baby Bottles of 2020

Samantha Griffith

Written by Samantha Griffith

A Comparison of the Best Feeding Bottle

There are a lot of brands of baby bottles that grace supermarket counters. Some are anti-reflux, while others have anti-choking, and then those that claim they are anti-colic. With different manufacturers and features, parents usually find themselves confused as to the best baby bottles

Choosing the best bottles for babies is crucial to your child’s feeding. If you don’t choose the right nipple and bottle, baby might refuse either one. Choosing the best feeders will help you make the feeding time of your baby as hassle-free and relaxing as possible.

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature, as its name suggests, aims to make bottle feeding as close to breastfeeding as possible. Moms who wanted to pursue breastfeeding but still want to switch to bottle-feeding from time to time will find this brand helpful. It won’t trigger your baby to stop breastfeeding since the baby feeders have soft silicone that perfectly mimics natural skin. The measurements in these bottles for babies don’t rub off even with continuous usage and washings.

The easy-vent valve is super nice to touch and it prevents the nipple from frazzling during a feeding session. This means that with these, baby will have uninterrupted feeding and won’t lose interest before the baby finishes the formula. On top of everything, your baby will swallow less air with milk so fussiness and spit-up will be prevented.



  • The easy-vent valve that prevents fewer air bubbles as your baby swallows the milk
  • Silicone nipple is specially designed to feel like the natural skin
  • Extremely affordable and cost-effective
  • Baby bottles are safe to sterilize under boiling water and place inside the dishwasher
  • Prevents fussiness, reflux, colic, and other feeding problems while babies feed


  • Milk comes our quiet fast
  • Difficult to position the bottle appropriately

Comotomo manufactures wide and naturally shaped bottles with nipples that are made of soft, silicone material which effectively prevents nipple confusion. This means that moms won’t have any problem switching from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding when using these baby bottles. 

The baby’s little hands can also easily latch and hold on the bottle, the same way they do it with their mom’s breast. Furthermore, the bottle has a wide that is unlike any other bottles, making it extremely easy to clean. You can even use a regular dish sponge and water to clean it. The feeders are also BPA, PVC, and phthalates free, and are made of medical-grade silicone. Other features of the Comotomo baby bottles include anti-colic vents.



  • Wide neck for easy cleaning
  • Wide nipple mound that supports easy munchkin latch
  • Made of 100% medical-grade silicone and BPA and phthalate-free, which means that it’s safe to boil and place in microwave


  • Tips over after repeated use
  • Difficult to understand measurement marks
  • Nipple color turns gray after continued use

Sturdy and easy-to-use, the Philip Avent Natural Glass Baby Bottles is an ideal option for parents who are looking for a great glass baby bottle. The anti-colic nipple is soft and wide, all thanks to its unique petal design inside. It also has an anti-colic twin-valve venting system that is built to release air into the bottle and not on your child’s stomach, reducing air bubbles, spit-up, and burping. 

With it’s simple and basic four-piece construction – bottle, travel cap, collar, and nipple – you won’t have any trouble measuring when you are preparing your baby’s drinks. The Philips Avent natural feeders come in six distinct flow rates, which means that you’ll find the appropriate nipple that will keep babies happy every bottle feeding time. Also, the glass bottles are easy-to-clean.



  • Wide neck and easy to clean
  • Doesn’t leak since the travel cap remains on
  • Petal design of the nipple prevents it from collapsing
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free and made from silicone


  • Heavier compared to plastic bottles
  • Soft nipples enable leaking at times
  • Slightly pricier

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature are perfect little bottles that are easy to use and hold for babies and parents. It comes with a latch friendly nipple with a well-built vent system that prevents air bubbles from getting in your little one’s tummy. The wide bottle opening makes it easy to assemble, fill, and clean. Though this bottle is made of plastic, it brings so much to the table for such a budget-friendly price. 

These bottles are also BPA free and specifically designed for trouble-free feeding. The bottles have a compact shape that perfectly imitates the natural feeding position. The nipples are also expertly designed by breastfeeding professionals to mimic the natural feel, stretch, flex, and movement of breasts. It is made of soft silicone with an extremely sensitive valve that prevents too much airflow and supports intuitive feeding. Both the nipple and bottle are dishwasher and microwave safe.



  • Zero leakage from the separation bottle parts during transportation and feeding
  • The ridges inside the bottle enable flexible and natural movement
  • Wide and easy to clean design
  • Measurements on the bottle are readable and clear
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space or add excessive weight to diaper bags


  • Faster flow rate
  • Harder to clean compared to glass bottles
  • Milk remnants get stuck on the bottle

The Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle Newborn Starter Gift Set is your perfect tool to naturally start bottle feeding your little angels. It is a handy set of 4 natural bottles, a nipple brush, and a white translucent pacifier for 0-6 months. The bottle is specifically made to mimic the natural way of breastfeeding babies, allowing seamless transition over breastfeeding and bottle feeding. 

The wide breast-shaped nipples enable natural munchkin latch that is similar to the breast. Your child will enjoy comfortable and satisfying feeding time. Also, it features an innovative twin valve that decreases discomfort and colic by venting air into the bottle instead of the baby’s stomach. The set also comes with a special bottle brush with a curved head and molded handle-tip to easily reach and clean the corners of the bottles, nipples, and other feeding products. On top of this, the Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle Newborn Starter Gift Set is BPA free.



  • Natural latch thanks to its wide breast shaped nipple
  • Ergonomic shape for optimum comfort during feeding
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • BPA free
  • Easy to assemble, use, and clean


  • Hard to clean

The bottles gift set from Drawn Brown’s Options will surely showcase your love for your baby since they manufacture one of the best feeding bottles on the market. Every nipple is specifically curated to provide a similarly consistent and natural flow, so babies know what to expect during each feeding session. It comes with a soft silicone nipple that supports the natural latch and anti-colic vent system that enables feeding without indigestion or discomfort. 

Dr. Brown’s Options Baby Bottles Gift Set system grows with babies when they start with Level 1 Nipples for slower flow rate and advancing up to Level 3 Nipples for faster flow rate. Then, when your little one is ready to use a sippy cup, the set also provides a spout transition cup that supports spill-proof and easy-grip drinking.



  • Baby bottles and tether are dishwasher safe, sterilizer safe, and BPA free
  • The anti-colic vent system is engineered to suit every stage of baby’s growth
  • Decreases feeding problems helps with digestion, and easily preserve vitamins
  • Nipple venting offers a paced flow and prevents nipple confusion as your child transitions from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding


  • Cleaning all the parts take a lot of time
  • Bottles leak at times

The Playtex Baby VentAire Anti-Colic Feeding Baby Bottles are specially engineered to combat colic by decreasing the ingestion of air bubbles. The patented anti-colic bottom vent keeps the air at the back of the bottle while babies feed so there will be no air that combines with the milk. 

The bottle also sports an ergonomic and angled style that supports semi-upright feeding. This specific bottle style is highly-suggested by breastfeeding experts to prevent ear infections, burping, reflux, spit-up, and gas. Moreover, this brand of baby feeder is designed to be similar to mom, thanks to its wide shape silicone nipple that promotes healthy and comfortable feeding with breast milk or formula or water. The Playtex Baby VentAire Anti-Colic Feeding Baby Bottles are perfect for busy moms. Aside from the fact that it is easy to clean, it is also hassle-free to assemble and disassemble.



  • Prevents air from getting into the stomach as baby drinks
  • Supports semi-upright feeding that is highly-suggested by breastfeeding experts to fight off ear infections
  • Engineered to feel like mom and mimic natural breastfeeding 
  • Free from BPA


  • Bottles leak from the vent seal up to the bottom

The MAM Newborn Gift Set, Best Pacifiers and Baby Bottles for Breastfed Babies, “Infant Basics” Set is everything that you need to achieve breezy feeding time. The set is composed of two 5 oz. Anti-Colic bottles, one medium flow nipple, two 9 oz. Anti-Colic bottles, one newborn pacifier, one soft bottle brush, and one pacifier clip. 

The Anti-Colic bottle sports a SkinSoft textured nipple that doesn’t need a long time for your baby to get used to. Moreover, the bottle also has a patented vent base that stabilizes pressure to guarantee that no air will get inside your baby’s stomach while feeding. In terms of the Star Pacifier, it is lightweight and small, which is perfect for newborns. The soft brush supports the gentle cleaning of cups and bottles.



  • It comes with two 5 oz. Anti-Colic bottles, one medium flow nipple, two 9 oz. Anti-Colic bottles, one newborn pacifier, one soft bottle brush, and one pacifier clip
  • A soft brush is made of anti-scratch silicone bristles that delicately clean cups and bottles
  • Pacifier clip work with all kinds of pacifiers and several toys and tethers 


  • Top and bottom leaks
  • Difficult to clean

The Playtex Baby VentAire Anti-Colic Feeding Essentials Bottle Set offers maximum tummy comfort that is perfect for a seamless transition between breastmilk to formula feeding. These bottles are engineered with doctor-recommended specs that help avert reflux and colic. 

For starters, the patented bottom vent boost air-free feed and the semi-upright feeding helps forestall the possibility of ear infections. Compared to other vented bottles, the bottom vent from Playtex pushes air at the back of the baby bottle to prevent it from combining with milk as baby drinks. With fewer air bubbles in your child’s formula, reflux, colic, burping, gas, and fussiness will be prevented.



  • Doctor recommended features that are made patented bottom vent and semi-angled design for air-free and pleasant feeding.
  • Nipple engineered to feel like a mom. The wide shaped silicone nipple supports appropriate latching and healthy feeding.
  • Perfect starting set for any new mom.
  • Markings for water measurement are written


  • Bottle terribly leaks
  • Too expensive for the quality of the product

The NUK Simply Natural Bottle features much bigger and softer nipples compared to other bottles. The nipples have a dome-like shape and a slow flow rate. It is also wider and more flexible. This larger, more pliable nipple is supposed to duplicate the movement, look, and feel of the mother’s breast and nipple. 

These incredible features are merged all together to support fast and comfortable latch. This is because the wider nipple tends to eliminate nipple confusion, making it easier to transition between breastmilk and formula. Also, the wide neck of the NUK Simply Natural Bottle is made for easy preparation. 

Though a narrow bottle works, it is prone to formula spillage, which is unlike the baby bottles from NUK. The bottles also have easy-to-read volume markings written on its side so it’s easier to review the measurement of the milk you are preparing. Despite its wider shape, you won’t have any trouble fitting the baby feeder on a regular bottle warmer. 

With its wider-than-normal shape and only four components, every bottle from NUK is stress-free to clean. You can leave it in a dishwasher overnight and it won’t stink or stain. This is because they are made from Tritan plastic – a stain and odor-proof plastic. The bottles and nipples are also free from nasty materials such as BPA, PVC, and Phthalates.



  • 5 oz bottles have slow flow nipple
  • Reasonable price point
  • Dishwasher and sterilizer safe
  • Doesn’t leak or stain even if you live it in the sink for a long time
  • Easy to disassemble and reassemble


  • Vent in the nipple has to be positioned specifically under your baby’s nose to properly work

Choosing the Best Glass Baby Bottles

There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to purchasing the best baby bottles for your little one. The selection you will choose can make or break your baby’s starting feeding experience. Below are essential factors to consider to combat confusion and make an educated purchase.

  • The Nipple

Baby bottles vary according to the size and flow of the nipple. It’s vital to choose the appropriate nipple flow that suits your child’s age:

  • For newborn to three month old babies – slow flow nipples to avoid overeating and choking
  • For babies that are three to six months and six to 12 months – medium flow nipples
  • Toddlers: 12 to 18 months – fast flow nipples 


Moreover, choosing the right nipple also fights off several health risks and conditions such as:

  • Nipple confusion – select a nipple that perfectly replicates your breast and nipple if you are breastfeeding to avoid nipple weaning and rejection.
  • Delayed speech – if you choose a nipple that’s easy to latch on, your baby can’t fully develop the speech muscles inside their mouth.
  • The Bottle Size

Slimmer and smaller baby bottles are simpler to hold. Always pay attention to the capacity of the bottle. For newborn babies, low capacity is the best. However, you need to buy a new one as they grow to adapt to their feeding needs. Choose a bottle with bigger fluid capacity so you just need to replace the nipple as they grow older.

  • Free from Toxic Materials

Typically, baby bottles are made of plastic and in manufacturing such material, Bisphenol A or BPA is present. This toxic substance can cause a lot of severe health complications such as cancer. Stay away from feeding bottles with such material, as well as PVC, lead, Phthalate, BPS.

  • Distinct Designs

Baby bottles are known for treating a lot of health conditions including colic and gas, reflex, ear infections, and more. There are specific bottles that target these conditions and if you want to prevent them, select a bottle with a specific feature that treats them.

Feeding Babies via a Baby Milk Bottle

If you are planning to feed your baby using a baby bottle, here are some tips that you can use:

  1. Hold your baby in an upright position – support the base of your baby’s head so the baby could control the flow of the milk.
  2. Don’t hesitate to switch positions – halfway through finishing a bottle, switch your little angel from one arm to the other.
  3. Avoid dangerous positions – don’t use a pillow for support to feed your baby. They are very dangerous and can result in choking.
  4. Burp your baby – since babies are more likely to swallow air bubbles while drinking milk, make it a point to burp the baby more often.
  5. Choose the right feeding bottle – selecting the best baby bottles for your baby can transform their feeding experience.

What are the Best Bottles for Newborns

The best baby bottles for newborn babies is the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Fiesta Bottle. Parents are going to love this award-winning product since it prevents nipple confusion, which is best for moms who switch from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding. The colorful set of bottles is made from BPA and Phthalate free material, as well. Another great baby bottle is the Comotomo Baby Bottle. It enables babies to easily latch to the nipple because of its soft design. You’ll also enjoy brushless cleaning with its wide neck silicone body. Both of these baby bottles are economically-priced, as well.

Criteria for Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies

To help you have a smooth transitioning phase between breast milk or formula, choose a bottle that closely replicates the feel of a mom’s breast. The bottle should sport a wide, soft nipple so your baby won’t reject the milk. For breastfeeding bottles, baby would prefer it look like the real one, which means that it has anti-colic features that are hassle-free to clean.


As a mom, you can’t be with your baby all the time and at some point, you need to train them for bottle feeding. The best baby bottles that are reviewed above will give you an idea of which bottle to invest in to give your baby the best and most comfortable feeding experience.

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